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Give Away!

by LordMaru

Hey guy's I'm doing a giveaway on Twitter!

The objective of the Give Away is to get a friend or anyone who hasn't read Divine Acid to read the comic. You both will get free flat colored drawings of your characters.

Here are the requirements:

1. Have a them read the comic. As much as they can. I do not have a threshold at this time. Just as long as they have a good idea of what the story is about

2. Have them make a tweet with the hastag #ireaddivineacid as well as tag you in the tweet

3. Send me the tweet through email or twitter DMs (Email:

4. After that you will both get your free drawings!

The giveaway ends on August 15, 2021

Good luck!



Divine Acid Discussion - Your thoughts

by LordMaru

It's been over a year since Divine Acid started. It''s been a long journey yet we're only starting. This comic has grown and attracted some readers. 

I want to hear from you guys what you think of this comic series so far. How do you feel about it? What theories do you have?

I'd love to hear from y'all.


Planning for Patreon

by LordMaru

Okay so at some point I want to launch a Patreon. I'm not launching it yet. I don't know when I will but I wanted to show you guys what it would be like if I do. I wanted to know what you guys think and if these seem fair.


Rude comments and Webtoons

by LordMaru

Guys please refrain from posting rude comments on here. I just had someone snap at one of my readers for enjoying the comic. I will delete these comments. This comic and website is for everyone to have fun.

Anyway, now for the good news. Divine Acid is now on Webtoons! I feel like Webtoons is a good place to post because a lot of people use webtoons. It's kind of like a Youtube for comics. So now it's both on Webtoons AND Tapas.

Read on Webtoons

Read on Tapas


I see what you guys like!

by LordMaru

So I see you guys really like Divine Acid's recent pages! Well my writer and I have decided we will expand upon this music battle in the upcoming arcs! Because we are just getting started! Right now were trying to help you guys get a feel for our characters but things will pick up. I promise!


Comic schedule Update!!

by LordMaru

Remember when I said I would post a new page Mondays and Fridays? Yeah that's too much of a gap. So now it's updated Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Things are slow right now especially with work. My hours are slow so I have time to do the comics in advance. Next comic drops this Monday February 8th, Wednesday February 10th, and Friday February 12th. If things get busy with work like if I get more hours and such, it'll slow down to only Mondays and Fridays. Of course I will let you guys know. Anyway, stay tuned guys!


New Divine Acid Schedule

by LordMaru

Hey guys LordMaru here. While I at first posted irregularly, I want to start doing a set schedule for my comic. Comic pages will be posted every Monday and Friday at 12 pm central. This will help pace out the comic better and give me extra time to work ahead on pages. They will be posted here first and other social media later after that when I get the chance. Especially if I work that day. Anyway, that's all for now.


New Bunny on the Block

by LordMaru

Alright so episode one was pretty short but I have episode twoi in the works. It'll be longer and more fun. I'm just waiting for my editor to finish up refining the outline I did so I can start storyboarding. Anyway, have a peak of the new bunny on the block

I haven't thought of a name for him yet but soon you'll know. So Stay tuned!


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