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New Twitter Account! Please Follow!

by LordMaru

Okay so Divine Acid now has their own Official Twitter account where comic pages, related art, and news will now be posted. If you want somef frequent updates or some news about the comic, then this is the account you need to follow! 

Follow our account here!

Official VR Chat world!

by LordMaru

Hey guys so y'all know the famous Black Bunny club right? Well now there's a VR Chat world based off the club itself. You can search up "Black Bunny" on the worlds tab and you should be able to find it. as far as avatars I was only able to make a Chance avatar. Currently not publicly avaiable. I also want to be able to make avatars for the rest of the characters but that does cost money so I don't know if that'll ever happen. Anyway here's some screen shots of the bar.

Here's the Chance avatar

Turning off guest comments

by LordMaru

Ok It's getting really annoying so now I'm just gonna turn off guest comments. People want to be cowards and harass my readers. Please keep your drama out of my website. I do not tolerate harassment of my readers! 

Got my first COVID vaccine!

by LordMaru

It's a little late but ya know...better late than never

New Background image

by LordMaru

So I thought it's would be time to have a different background for the website. I may actually make another in the future.

But anyway, what do you guys think?

New Portfolio Website

by LordMaru

Hey guys. So recently I have just made a website to showcase my best art and animations. So basically a portfolio website. You can find it on the menu bar on the side called "Portfolio"

You can also click here to check it out

This is basically a place where people can contact me in case they have questions, comments, or if they want to commission me. 

No new Page this Wednesday 7/14/21

by LordMaru

Okay so tomorrow or today if you're reading this after midnight, there will be no new page. Instead I will do two pages this Friday. You'll see why. 

We are getting very close to the end of this arc and then exciting new things will happen!

Commissions are open

by LordMaru

Hey guys I have opened up commissions. Recently my father is having open heart surgery and he won't be able to drive me to work like he used to. This puts me in a spot where I will have to buy a car and pay for it monthly as well as additional bills. 

Here are my commission prices. There are 7 spots left right now, First come first serve!
More information here

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