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Special Edition for Volume One

by LordMaru
Get ready folks for Divine Acid Volume One SPECIAL EDITION! This next batch will include FOUR new pages of behind the scenes content as well as the names of Patrons who pledge $10 before February 16. This is a great opportunity for those who missed the first batch! Pledge here!

Your Name in Divine Acid!

by LordMaru
Alright so...I'm going to be printing these again. However, this next edition, I will be putting the names of Patrons who pledge the $10 tier on the book itself and those Patrons will be getting the book without additional charge! Pledge here!

Next time on Divine Acid....

by LordMaru


by LordMaru

It's time! You can now preorder Divine Acid Volume one! These copies will not ship until Jan 20th! So please keep that in mind! only ten copies available!

Vote for Divine Acid

by LordMaru

Hey guys I need your help! Vote for Divine Acid this month! Get your friends to vote! Help Divine Acid be the top 100 comic!

Update: Next comic coming soon

by LordMaru

Okay guys I know we've been waiting for a little while. The good news is that the storyboards are almost done and we'll be working on getting the next comic out. It's a little shorter this time and we'll be posting in bulk. We'll be announcing a release date soon!

Presenting: HexBrew Studio!

by LordMaru

Hey guys! I want to tell you about HexBrew studio! So it's basically a comic/art production company founded by yours truly. What does this mean? It mean Divine Acid is now a HexBrew production. So we may or may not have future projects. We don't know we'll see. We're only staring out! There's also a website which is also just starting out and a work in progress! 

Check out the site here:

Thoughts and Feed back survey

by LordMaru

Hey guys! Now that the the arc has ended there is a survey! I would love to hear from you all and yes it is anonymous! Click this link to fill out this form!

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